An Overview of VisionVerse
VisionVerse brings a new generation of metaverse as a form of creative space to explore and enrich, rather than a single limited 3D realm to acquire land and build upon. VisionVerse doesn't have lands, but nodes. Nodes can host a certain number of games that anybody, from projects to individual users, can build using the tools provided. Not only it requires no coding skills, but it provides opportunities for everybody to use and share custom made assets.
Game Creators can apply a plethora of monetization options to their games, selling experiences, in-game items and more, the only limit is their imagination. Not only that, but they can pick any existing Token of any supported blockchain (for example, BSC, Solana and more) as their main currency. The only recurring asset in all the games, are the player avatars. Like a true metaverse, players and their avatars will be able to experience as many different worlds as the creative minds of the industry will deliver. VisionVerse supports both 2D and 3D experiences, on Mobile and Desktop platforms.
It's the purest form of Metaverse, not tied to a single land, not tied to a single experience, not tied to a single token, but fully in the hands of the users.
Last modified 2mo ago